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Individual Student Premium


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The Individual Student Standard subscription is valid for your current school year (see terms and conditions) and allows access to the following features:

  • 120 Economics topics, with;
  • Key Notes and Concepts
  • Video/Audio presentations
  • Flash Cards
  • Written Questions
  • Multiple-Choice Tests
  • Progress Charts to track results

Before you order your subscription:

1 Please read and understand our terms and conditions.

2  You will need to supply a valid email address for the final user - this will be the user's unique username when signing in.

3  Once you have successfully subscribed you will be sent an email confirmation of your new membership.

4  Finally, you will be required to create a password for yourself to use when you log in. Please keep this in a secure place.

5. Students that name a school will show under that schools administration and allow results to be monitored by school administrators.

6. Please select Northern (June to July) or Southern (January- December) hemisphere. Those at NZ schools are required to be Southern hemisphere.



Generic School Subscription


Schools Subscription (other than New Zealand) 2017-2018 School year NZD 720.00


The Generic School Standard subscription is valid for your current school year (see terms and conditions) and allows all your students access to the following features (but will not track individual results for generic access):

  • Comprehensive key notes (120 plus topics)
  • Video/Audio section
  • Flash/cuecards-view on the same/following slide
  • Written Questions with model answers
  • Multiple-Choice Tests-with reasons for the answers
  • Search function to allow easy access to concepts/terms
  • Progress Charts to track individual results (only available to schools with students who have activated an individual license)


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